The aim of these programs is to enable individuals to reduce the personal and social harm associated with substance use, abuse and addictive behaviour. The groups explore underlying causes of addictive behaviours and build effective strategies to live life responsibly. Increased motivation, accountability and making better choices allow an opportunity to engage in alternate behaviours and move forward in recovery.

Individuals also feel more settled with the discharge transition knowing what to experience in the SUAP program.

Groups are conducted regularly and are subject to change. The following may be suitable for people with Addictions, Compulsive Behaviours and Substance Use/Abuse issues.

BRIDGING GROUP: (from in-patients to outpatients) – During an admission, patients are offered the opportunity to join an out-patient group. This is aimed at giving the patient an insider’s look into what they will be engaging in should they attend the out-patient program. Individuals feel more settled with the discharge transition knowing what to experience in out-patient SUAP programs.

CREATIVE ARTS: The focus of the group is to enhance and support recovery whilst building self-confidence through creative expression.

DUAL DIAGNOSIS IN RECOVERY: This group is aimed at helping people to understand the link between mental health issues and compulsive behaviours.

EARLY RECOVERY PROGRAM: This group is aimed at individuals who are in early phases of recovery. Concepts discussed are basic relapse prevention skills, CBT Theory, practice minimisation techniques. Mindfulness and relaxation skills are also part of this integrated program.

GET ACTIVE: This group program is for people wanting to focus on improving their physical and mental health. Get Active is part of a full-day program.

LONG TERM RECOVERY GROUP: The aim of the group is to obtain long term sobriety. The focus is to assist people in understanding the process of addiction and teach them strategies to support ongoing recovery.

MINDFULNESS-BASED GROUP: These well-researched approaches incorporate mindfulness training for significant improvements in psychological functioning.  Part of a full day program, these groups are suitable for a wide range of people

QUIT GROUP (FREEDOM FROM TOBACCO): This group examines nicotine dependence and why people find it difficult to stop smoking. By exploring the different methods of gaining freedom from tobacco to assist in the development of a personal plan, developing strategies to cope with stress and living a life free from tobacco.

REPAIRING RELATIONSHIPS IN RECOVERY: This program provides psycho-education and support to enable participants to improve your relationship with self and others, whilst continuing to focus on relapse prevention.

WORK TOWARDS RECOVERY/ROAD TO RECOVERY (DUAL DIAGNOSIS): This group is aimed at people with a primary mental illness and secondary substance use/abuse or addiction issues. The focus is to address the risky, compulsive and addictive behaviours that impact on people’s lives.


Admittance to groups is through an intake assessment.

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Why Delmont

With over 40 years experience and an experienced multi disciplinary team at Delmont Private, our goal is to enable individuals with mental health concerns to gain a greater understanding of themselves and their difficulties in a safe relaxed and professional environment.  All patients are our highest priority.  Our holistic approach to treatment promotes long-term health and quality of life.

Your privacy and confidentiality are maintained at all times.