As a patient, you are highest priority at Delmont Private Hospital.  Our holistic approach to treatment promotes long-term health and quality of life.  We aim to help people gain a greater understanding of themselves and their difficulties as well as assist with personal development, and we work with our patients to provide the skills and knowledge required to manage their illness and prevent relapse.


Fees and Health Insurance

Prior to being admitted, our staff will contact your health fund or third party insurer in order to confirm your level of cover and any additional out of pocket costs you may have.  On admission, you will be asked to pay these costs. If you are an uninsured patient, or only have a basic level of cover, you will be required to pay for one week of accommodation upfront. You will receive additional invoices for any medication or miscellaneous expenses.

Admission Criteria

Delmont is committed to continuously enhancing its continuity of careand providing optimum standards of care while the patient is in the Hospital.  There are specific admission policies that are in place that protect patients from safe physical harm and facilitate their recovery. The following factors are essential when assessing patient’s suitability for Hospital admission.

Patients allocated a Delmont Psychiatrist/Delmont Addiction Specialist will be provided confirmation of date and time of admission by the Hospital Coordinator. Admissions are conducted during business hours 9:30am - 4:00pm,  Monday through Sunday and on public holidays.  No admissions without a confirmation from the Hospital Cooirdinator will occur.  Please note the Hospital does not provide 24 hour admission service or reception.

The estimated length of stay for patients admitted to the Hospital is 14-21 days. This applies to Substance Use and Addiction Programs, General Inpatient  and Aged Programs.

Patients without a referral (WALK-INS) will not be admitted to the Hospital at any time.  Delmont Private does not have an emergency department.  If urgent care is required, patients will be directed to their nearest emergency department.  

All patients admitted to Delmont Hospital, must be under the care of an accredited Delmont Psychiatrist or Delmont Addiction Specialist.

  • Age - Patients need to be the minimum of 18 years for admittance
  • Bariatric Care - After a review of the equipment utilised by patients across all areas of the hospital, including weight capacity of that equipment, to ensure safety and of patients and staff, Delmont has implemented a weight limit of 140 kgs for admitted patients.
  • Intensive Care Required - Persons in need of concentrated: medical, surgical, psychiatric care will be redirected to the nearest Emergency Department.

    What to bring:

  • Referral letter (if applicable)
  • Private health insurance card
  • Medicare card
  • Veterans Affair card
  • Pension Card
  • Pharmacy Entitlement card
  • GP’s details
  • Any current medication and prescriptions (view more detail)
  • Casual, comfortable clothing
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Hat
  • Sleepwear
  • Dressing gown
  • Slippers
  • Toiletries
  • Mobile telephone (optional)
  • Hairdryers are available at the hospital for personal use
  • Daily newspapers can be organized for you.

What not to bring:

  • Large of amounts of money
  • Valuables
  • Alcohol
  • Non-prescribed drugs
  • Cars

Your Stay

At Delmont we know how important your comfort is during your stay.  The majority of our patient’s rooms are private and complete with ensuite, television, telephone and free wi-fi during your stay.

Lounge rooms, craft and therapy rooms, outdoor courtyards, gardens and recreational facilities are provided to cater for your therapeutic and relaxation needs.

While at Delmont, it is important for you to feel secure at all times.  Delmont has a rigorous visitor’s policy that provides a safe environment for all.  All visitors are required to report to the main reception or nursing staff upon arrival and departure.

PLEASE NOTE:  No visitors are permitted at the Hospital due to Victoria Health Guidelines per COVID 19 until futher notice.  10.11.23

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The treating doctor and the clinical team will provide a discharge plan for each patient.  Planning for discharge commences on admissions in conjunction with the patient’s specific mental health treatment. This includes arrangements for ongoing management, follow up and education.  Wherever possible, family and careers are encouraged to be involved in this process.

Click here to download Preparing for Discharge Booklet