The Masterclass Series is aimed at Psychiatrists and Medical Professionals who already have a knowledge of basic psychopharmacology and who wish to expand their practical knowledge base by engaging in discussions on the practice of prescribing.

The Masterclass is a facilitated, collegiate discussion of the practice, art and safety of prescribing psychotropic medications.


Saturday, 3 August 2024



Convenors: Judith Hope, Nicholas Keks AM, David Copolov AO

The masterclass will focus on effective and safe use of antidepressants, anxiolytics and mood stabilizers in treatment of major psychiatric disorders in adults. Drugs in each category will be compared on efficacy, adverse effects and characteristics. Core information, prescribing practicalities and clinical cases will be presented.

Registration and further details will be provided 1 July 2024

For enquiries contact: Lisa Capper


On another note, the recent RANZCP's Australasia Psychiatry Journal has recently published articles from Professor Nick Keks and the co contributors from the Centre for Mental Health and Research and Delmont Private Hospital. 

We would like to congratulate the CMHR and Delmont's team on the publication of the following articles:  

Characteristics, diagnoses and risk profiles of inpatients readmitted within 28 days of discharge to an Australian private psychiatric hospital    

Comparative Tolerability of Dopamine D2/3 Receptor Partial Agonists for Schizophrenia:

9 September 2020