Delmont Private Hospital is an independently owned psychiatric facility in Glen Iris, Melbourne.

It is exclusively a mental health facility.  We provide first class psychiatric care and treatment of addictions, with a range of therapeutic programs suited to individual needs.

We offer a broad range of services within both inpatient and day programs, including substance use and addiction, aged and general psychiatry.  Our treatment regimes are complete and holistic, including art therapy, exercise programs and educational sessions in either group or individual settings. Delmont Private Hospital is a pleasant and private environment where patients can feel assured they will receive care that is dignified, professional and personal.

Patients are only admitted to Delmont with referrals from relevant clinicians.  Patients will be contacted by the Hospital Coordinator for their designated time for admittance.  No admissions without confirmation from the Hospital Corodinator will occur.  This Hospital does not provide 24-hour admission service or reception.

Patients without a referral (WALK-INS) will not be admitted to the Hospital at any time.  Delmont Private does not have an emeregency department.  If urgent care is required, the patient will be directed to their nearest emergency department.

Fully accredited, our 88 overnight bed specialist hospital retains sensitivity, warmth and comfort. Delmont’s services may be delivered through our Inpatient Program or our Outpatient Day Program, and include: