All referrals to the Hospital, Consulting Suites and Day Program require a doctor’s referral.  All referrals will be acknowledged upon receipt by email or FAX by the relevent coordinator.  

Acceptance or non-acceptance by an Accredited Doctor will be communicated to the referring doctor.  The patient will only be notified if the referral is accepted, and further details are required or to make an appointment date.

The Hospital only takes responsibility for patients once they are admitted.  If this is an emergency, advise the patient to attend the nearest emergency department.

Each referral letter needs to include:

  • Patient's name and contact details
  • Date of birth 
  • Type of referral: Inpatient admission/291 assessment/Consultancy and ongoing care/Day Programs
  • Private health funds details
  • WorkCover/TAC applicable
  • Outline diagnosis
  • Current presentation
  • Drug & Alcohol history 
  • Previous and current medical & psychiatric treatments 
  • Forensic Hisotry (includes bail conditions)
  • Current medications
  • Medical Conditions

Please note:  Delmont Private Hospital is a private independent facility specilizing in genereal adult psychiatry (including addicition). All mental health doctors are private independent consultants.  It is noted other specialist hospitals will provide services for individuals requiring urgent care, forensic and high-risk care. 

Consulting Suites:  Enquiries:  (03) 9834 3600  Email:  FAX: (03) 9834 3666 

Hospital Intake Enquiries:  (03) 9805 7304   Email:  Fax: (03) 9889 8696

Download Delmont Inpatient Admission Referral

DDP Enquiries: (03) 9805 7370   Email:  Fax: (03) 9805 7395

Download Delmont Day Program (DDP) Referral

Download Delmont DDP Substance Use and Addiction Day Program (GP Referral)