These programs are specialised for people at different stages of life with various mental health issues.

Groups are conducted periodically and are subject to change.

MEN’S LIFE HEALTH AND WELLBEING: This supportive discussion work group explores areas of interest for men and assists them in adapting to life’s adversities with a more realistic and resilient attitude. The aim is to explore behaviour and attitudes, focusing on strength based approaches, reflections and skill building in managing the demands on men. Also to improve communication and develop healthy and happy relationships.

NOURISHING THE BODY & MIND (Metabolic Group): This program aims to assist the development of healthier relationships with food and improving body image in order to achieve better mental health. The supportive, non-judgemental environment provides participants with the opportunity to explore and identify current unhelpful patterns, which can contribute to negative body image and unhealthy relationships with food.

PAIN MANAGEMENT: The focus of the group is for people with mental health issues and chronic physical pain problems, who are already receiving treatment and are medically stable. The aim is to provide support, information and share experiences on the ways physical pain affects people’s lives.

SEASONAL RETREATS/CREATIVE ART WORKSHOPS: These are a full day and are conducted on a Saturday at various times throughout the year.

SOCIAL PHOBIA: This supportive group is for people with Social Phobia, to assist them in managing social anxiety symptoms and learn ways to improve social confidence.  

WEEKEND & EVENING GROUPS: To assist the needs of people who are unable to attend programs during the week due to work and other commitments, there are a number of specialised groups available periodically on some evenings and Saturdays.

  • Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Addiction
  • Adolescent
  • CAT
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
  • Men’s Health Group
  • Mindfulness-Based Group

WOMEN’S GROUP: This is an informative, fun and creative exploration of being female. The group explores all the unique challenges women face and the impact of their mental health. The aim is to develop positive skills and strengths.

YOUNG ADULTS PROGRAM (YAP) (18-25 year olds): These programs offer an interactive approach to life for adolescents with a diagnosed mental illness who want to talk about issues specifically facing youth. This focus is on active group practice; learning how to develop new coping skills and sharing experiences.  

Why Delmont

With over 40 years experience and an experienced multi disciplinary team at Delmont Private, our goal is to enable individuals with mental health concerns to gain a greater understanding of themselves and their difficulties in a safe relaxed and professional environment.  All patients are our highest priority.  Our holistic approach to treatment promotes long-term health and quality of life.

Your privacy and confidentiality are maintained at all times.