The aim of the Psycho-Social program is to provide a safe, supportive environment for people with various mental health issues. The aim is to promote psychological development and interaction with the social environment. The program promotes social connection to the community and meets the needs of people who require lifestyle education, communication and skills development.

Groups are conducted regularly and are subject to change. The following may be suitable for people with longer term mental health issues:

BOUNCE BACK: This group focuses on gaining better self-awareness and confidence by identifying strengths and building on them. The aim is to promote physical and mental health through making healthy lifestyle choices.

EXPRESSIVE/CREATIVE ARTS: Engagement with creative activities that can enhance enjoyment of life, increase social connection and self-confidence.

GOOD CONNECTIONS: This group provides a supportive environment to develop self-awareness, social skills, build confidence and improve well-being.  

GROUP SINGING FOR SELF-ESTEEM: Provides participants with an opportunity to express themselves through singing in a supportive group. Participation in this group offers both physical benefits and positive psychological effects to assist in building self-esteem.

LIFE STRATEGIES: This group is for people with a range of mental health issues. The focus is on self—understanding; learning how thinking and behaviour can influence recovery. It includes healthy living, education and stress management.

MIND BODY WELLNESS: The focus of the group is to promote physical and emotional wellbeing. This is achieved by changing nutritional behaviours, activity habits and setting personal goals. Some physical activity is involved.  

PATHWAYS: Offers a relaxed and gentle approach to assist seniors with a mental illness on a journey to recovery. Discussion and social opportunities in the community are included.

YOUNG AT HEART: The focus is to provide a safe, supportive environment for seniors with mental health issues and early ageing symptoms. It offers psycho-health education and activities.


Why Delmont

With over 40 years experience and an experienced multi disciplinary team at Delmont Private, our goal is to enable individuals with mental health concerns to gain a greater understanding of themselves and their difficulties in a safe relaxed and professional environment.  All patients are our highest priority.  Our holistic approach to treatment promotes long-term health and quality of life.

Your privacy and confidentiality are maintained at all times.