This program focuses on enhancing and improving connection to everyday life. It provides a supportive structure to assist people in building new skills, knowledge and confidence in order to increase the quality of their life in the community.

Groups are conducted periodically and are subject to change. The following may be suitable for people with mental health issues:

BEING MINDFUL: The focus is on increasing self-awareness, living in the moment and self-management through regular meditation practice.

CREATIVE ARTS THERAPY: This group focuses on the reduction of stress, depression and improving confidence through engagement with the creative process. 

ENHANCING SELF ESTEEM: This group is based on the Six Pillars of Self Esteem. This has an interactive approach to life, by developing self-awareness and practicing new skills. The focus is to build self-esteem and understand its value in one’s life.

EXPRESSIVE ART: This program uses non-directive approaches to enhance the trust and safety for vulnerable individuals. The aim is to encourage exploration of creativity in a calm space where social skills can also be practised.

GET ACTIVE: This group program is for people wanting to focus on improving their physical and mental health. Get Active is part of a full-day program.

GYM & SWIM: Physical engagement with staff accompanied visit to local gym and pool. The Gym & Swim program is part of a full day program.

KEYS TO HAPPINESS: The group focuses on increasing the capacity to experience positive emotions, increase social connections and build emotional resilience.

LIFE SKILLS & STRATEGIES/BUILDING RESILIENCE: The focus of the group is supporting change and promoting self-understanding. The aim is to improve individual’s quality of life by overcoming social and emotional barriers through promoting physical wellbeing.

LIFE STRATEGIES: This group is for people with a range of mental health issues. The focus is on self-understanding; learning how thinking and behaviour can influence recovery. It includes healthy living, education and stress management skills.

MIND BODY WELLNESS: The focus of the group is to promote physical and emotional wellbeing. This is achieved by changing nutritional behaviours, activity habits and setting personal goals. Some physical activity is involved. 

SOLITUDE vs LONELINESS: This group focuses on defining loneliness and letting it go. This is achieved by learning how to transform loneliness into solitude and coping with the present. The aim is to provide a daily structure for people to create their own rituals and refine their communication skills.

YOGA: The gentle yoga sessions are suitable for beginners and are led by our skilled Yoga facilitator. Yoga is part of a full day program.

Why Delmont

With over 40 years experience and an experienced multi disciplinary team at Delmont Private, our goal is to enable individuals with mental health concerns to gain a greater understanding of themselves and their difficulties in a safe relaxed and professional environment.  All patients are our highest priority.  Our holistic approach to treatment promotes long-term health and quality of life.

Your privacy and confidentiality are maintained at all times.