Qualification: MBBS

Languages spoken (other than English): Yiddish, Latvian & Russian

Dr Mark Schiff is a sessional Consultant Psychiatrist at Delmont Private Hospital with extensive psychiatric experience that spans over 30 years. Currently, he is involved in inpatient and outpatient treatments.

He has a pragmatic style towards patient, focusing on individualised and comprehensive treatments. Mark specialises in mood disorders and psychotherapy, however his compassionate style suits individuals with a wide variety of conditions. His expertise extends into providing second psychiatric opinions.

Dr Schiff trained in Psychiatry at the Riga Stradins University in Latvia, attaining his Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery.  Mark has participated in various research projects, publishing several academic journal publications. 

Dr Mark Schiff is a committed medical professional, dedicated to providing excellence and attentiveness in all patient care. 


  • ADHD
  • Mood Disorder
  • Second Opinions