Languages spoken (other than English): Bulgarian

Female Psychiatrist

Dr Ilina Tzolova is a sessional Consultant Psychiatrist at Delmont Private, with comprehensive experience in clinical psychiatry, psychotherapy, teaching and research that extends over 25 years. Specialising in general adult psychiatry, she focuses on psychotic, mood and anxiety disorders.

Her approach to understanding patient needs is sensitive, encouraging open and comprehensive consultations to deliver holistic treatments. Ilina is dedicated to providing excellence and attentiveness in patient care, seeing individuals with a wide variety of conditions.

Dr Tzolova is fortunate to have completed extensive international training in different cultures and settings. She has participated in both education and work opportunities abroad in Bulgaria, the United States and Australia, which she believes has defined her open-minded, holistic approach to patient care. She has also participated in various research projects, producing peer-reviewed publications. 

Dr Ilina Tzolova is a compassionate medical professional, dedicated to providing attentive, holistic patient care. Ilina is currently involved in both outpatient and inpatient consultations at Delmont Private Hospital.