Qualifications: MBBS, MPM, RANZCP

Languages spoken (other than English): Hindi & Punjabi

Female Psychiatrist

Dr Aparna Chawla is a sessional Consultant Psychiatrist at Delmont Private, with over 15 years psychiatric experience. She has an expertise in managing anxiety disorders, aged psychiatry and general adult psychiatry.

Her approach to understanding patient needs is sensitive, encouraging open and comprehensive consultations. Aparna is dedicated to providing excellence and attentiveness in patient care, seeing individuals with a wide variety of conditions.

Dr Chawla initially studied in India, attaining her Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Science (MBBS) degree from Lady Hardinge Medical College before going on to achieve her Master of Psychiatric Medicine (MPM) from Monash University.

Dr Aparna Chawla is a compassionate medical professional who provides attentive patient care. Aparna is currently involved in both outpatient and inpatient consultations at Delmont Private Hospital.